GH Schools opens admissions twice (2 Times) in a year, the first is our January Admissions and the second is our July Admissions for both Certificate and Diploma intake. Applicants will be required to purchase Admission Forms at the school’s reception or fill it online at our admissions website here. Completely filled application forms are to be submitted manually at the front desk with other relevant documents. Shortlisted applicants are contacted and scheduled for Admission Interview and the given Admission Letters.


We admit school leavers of various backgrounds, including; General Arts, Visual Arts, Business, Science, Home Economics, etc. The student’s eligibility criteria are his/her readiness to study and learn when admitted. On getting a form, filling it and tendering them to the Administrator, availing oneself for a well-structured interview of a professional panel and to ascertain ones resolve and unflinching commitment to the course chosen, is the first sign of a prospective students’ readiness.

These interviews project each students (be he/she mature or otherwise) to their certification or diploma arena of studies. The schools has mature applicants and few graduate entries. This school has become a fountain from which most Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians alike drink from for PRACTICAL awakening.


  1. Form Acquisition (Online or at the front desk)
  2. Filling And Returning Of Forms
  3. Schedule For Interview
  4. Issuance Of Admission Letter
  5. Payment Of Admission / School Fees
  6. Orientation
  7. Matriculation